Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Project Done and One Just Begun

I finished all my bees! They are going into the mail tomorrow. I am glad to finally be done with them.

Thanks to my favorite brother, all the siding mess is finally gone from my backyard and now we're ready to start thinking about some landscaping. I checked out some books from the library about perennial gardening and started looking at Lowe's to see what they are selling. For now we decided to start some seeds and transplant them to the flower beds when it gets a little warmer. I started Coleus, Black-Eyed Susan Vine, Impatiens, and Chives.

Dan and I tried this method a couple of years ago, but we left it outside on our porch and when the wind wasn't blowing the greenhouse lid away, the neighborhood stray cat decided to sleep on top of it. If all the seeds grow we are going to have plants out of our ears! There are 72 little peat pods, 2 rows of Chives, 2 rows of Impatiens, 2 rows of Black Eyed Susan Vine, and the rest is Coleus. We'll see how it grows, I mean goes.

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