Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dotee Dolls

I joined an online yahoo group called Art4Mail. There are several different swaps each month, some are fabric post cards, some are artist trading cards (atc) , there are doll swaps, and quilties too. My favorite thing to swap are Dotee Dolls. Dotee Dolls are usually 4-6 inches long, they have a tail and a loop that you can hang them by. They are the perfect size to hang on a Christmas Tree. This Dotee was made for my friend Dawn in Penticon, BC. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves flowers.

I made the green bunny in hopes that we would have an Easter Swap, but instead we have a spring theme of "In the Garden". I guess technically you would find bunnies in your garden, but in the end the ears and face were a lot of work to do in multiples, and after I started cutting the green fabric I remembered that it was the material I was saving to bind a quilt.

There will probably be lots of flower themed dolls, so what goes best with flowers? Bees! Here are all 10 of their faces all ready to be sewn onto their little bee bodies. Normally our swaps only have 4 or 5 people in a group, but I've needed small stuff to keep me busy when Dan is working late, or on the weekends when i'm home by myself, so I signed up for the group twice, and i'm trading one with with a friend and I made one to keep for me. This has defnitely been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks.

Here they are with their faces sewn on. Now they just need loops, wings, feelers, legs and possibly tails. Whew, that seems like a lot of work when you list is all out like that! It's actually a lot of fun and the best part is while i'm working hard on mine, other ladies all over the country (and some parts of the world) are working on one to mail to me! It makes each trip to the mail box something to look forward to.

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